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Promoting Safer Communities in Central Bedfordshire
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Neighbourhood Watch works best where there is a strong relationship between the group and the local Police. The Police cannot deal with all the problems and issues arising from crime and anti-social behaviour alone – they need the help of the community.

At a local level, Local Policing Teams will attempt to liaise with NHW volunteers on a regular basis to enable a two-way flow of communication and keep volunteers abreast of issues affecting their local neighbourhood that they may be able to help with. They will either do this through direct contact with PCSOs, the respective Area Coordinators, the Central Bedfordshire NHW group, or use the “Beds Alert” information and messaging system to share information about recent crimes in the area.

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The purpose of NHW is to report suspicious events in their area to the Police. This becomes ever more important as Police resources are reduced and tasks are prioritised elsewhere. People really can make a difference to the safety of their community by reporting what they see.  NHW also gives people the chance to get to know and help each other better and to help them fight crime as a group, rather than as individuals.

It is also anticipated that the recent introduction of a Police and Crime Commissioner, and their associated support group the Police and Crime Panel, will want to establish a close working relationship with the Neighbourhood Watch Associations in Bedfordshire and their individual Street Schemes.

There are other agencies and community safety groups working throughout our County to sustain safer neighbourhoods and Neighbourhood Watch is represented, wherever possible.