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 NHW Membership Cards

Area and Street Scheme Coordinators can use the Application Form (below) to request Central Bedfordshire NHW Membership Cards.  Simply click on the relevant ‘Coordinator’ box, type in the information required and then click ‘Submit’ to send the form.  

To protect against spam emails, a security check box will then appear offering a random text word to be copied into it. Once correctly copied, the form will automatically be submitted and a copy of what you have sent will appear on your screen.  

Please note that the information and data you send is securely encrypted for transfer to the CBNHW email address.

On receipt of your request, CBNHW will be in contact to inform you how the Membership Cards will be delivered to you.

On-line NHW Membership Card application form:

CBNHW issues Membership Cards to all members of NHW Schemes operating in Central Bedfordshire. The cards will not only provide basic information about the Scheme they belong to, and the actions they should take when reporting any incident to the Police, but will also be a physical proof of a household’s active membership of Neighbourhood Watch.

The Street Scheme Coordinator is responsible for issuing these cards and will add the individual member’s name and the Coordinator’s own contact details.

Members of Street Schemes should ensure they contact their Coordinators to obtain their individual  Membership Cards.

Street/Scheme Coordinators should contact their Area Coordinators, in the first instance, to obtain supplies. Alternatively, where no Area Coordinator is available, Street/Scheme Coordinators should use the on-line application form, below.

Area Coordinators should contact CBNHW by email to arrange for supplies of Membership Cards for the Schemes they are responsible for, or may also use the form below to order supplies.