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Starting a new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Anybody in any residential area, no matter how large or small, can set up a NHW Scheme. It doesn’t require everyone to join to make it work, either. As long as there are enough residents to keep an eye out for each other’s properties, and report suspicious incidents to the Police, the Scheme will be successful.

The first step is to contact us and tell us what you want to do. We can provide advice and useful information to help you start a Scheme. Contact us here.

The next task is to speak to your neighbours and find out if they are interested in starting a Scheme. The more residents there are who want to get involved, the more impact the Scheme will have in your neighbourhood.

As a guideline, the basic roles and responsibilities for members of a Scheme are shown here.

Central Bedfordshire NHW Association have prepared a small leaflet about NHW, entitled “Getting Involved”.  

You can download the leaflet from us here and copy it to your neighbours to encourage them to join you.

We can also supply you with a template “invitation” letter that can help you introduce yourself to your neighbours, enable you to gather some contact information from them and find a suitable time when you can all get together and talk about setting up a NHW Scheme. The letter also includes a brief “facts” sheet about NHW and what members of the Scheme will be expected to do.

Once you have a group of neighbours, we’ll arrange someone to come over to speak to you and answer your questions. We will usually bring a video presentation that describes how a NHW Scheme should work and what is required from you. Information is provided on home security, how to contact the Police and how to act as a group to prevent crime from occurring. Membership resources are also distributed.

In Central Bedfordshire, Area Coordinators have been established to help set up new Schemes and to maintain regular contact with existing groups. They can provide valuable assistance and support, as well as additional resources.

If you and your neighbours want to start a Scheme, please contact Central Bedfordshire Neighbourhood Watch and we’ll soon get you up and running !