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Local Service Agreement with Bedfordshire Police

“Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU)

29 November 2013.

The Central Beds NHW Association continues to wait for a response from Bedfordshire Police to finalise a Local Service Agreement (LSA) with them. It has taken nearly a year for the Police to address our request, despite the fact that LSAs have already been agreed and established with both the Luton and Bedford & District NHW Associations.

We have now asked the Bedfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner to discuss this matter with the Chief Constable, so that progress can be made.

The LSA seeks to establish a formal code of practice/memorandum of understanding that sets out the methods and means by which NHW undertake their roles and interact with the Police in Central Bedfordshire.

Given that the LSAs should be identical, regardless of what area of Bedfordshire they apply to, we are now seeking a review of these agreements, so that a common LSA can adopted with each Bedfordshire NHW Association.

11 December 2013.

A draft Local Service Agreement (LSA) has now been received for consideration.  Unfortunately, the draft LSA attempts to create an standard agreement covering a number of voluntary groups, including Neighbourhood Watch.

CBNHW has made a response to Bedfordshire Police to emphasise that each voluntary group is individual and has differing areas of management, responsibilities and focus. Although each group makes its own contributions to make our communities safer, nevertheless, separate LSAs would be a more practical way forward and would reflect the individual characteristics and objectives of each voluntary organisation.

Having established some basic protocols as how to proceed, it is now hoped that a specific LSA with CBNHW can now be finalised and delivered early in the new year.

7 May 2014

Our attempts to establish a SLA with Bedfordshire Police are still being discussed. There is still the intention of the Police to have one single “agreement” established that will encompass all ‘watch’ groups within the County.

Additionally, the Police have now proposed that the SLA be changed to a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU), although the intended objectives and partnership accords remain largely unchanged.

The 3 Bedfordshire NHW Associations, together with Street Watch and Speed Watch, have now agreed to adopt this proposal; albeit for a 6 month trial period.

Somewhat confusingly, it is known that the Luton NHW Association have recently updated and renewed their own SLA with Bedfordshire Police.  It is not known whether this will now be discarded in favour of the County-wide, ‘standalone’ MoU.

20 May 2014

The Local Service Agreement has now been changed to a “Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)” and has been duly signed by the voluntary Bedfordshire Watch Organisations that are covered by this agreement.

The Central Bedfordshire NHW Association would wish to receive comments from its Street Scheme and Area Coordinators as to the effectiveness of this agreement; and, in particular, any noticeable improvements that occur in the way Bedfordshire Police communicate and interact with local NHW street schemes.  Please forward your comments to the Chairman at the CBNHW email address - here.

A copy of the MoU is shown here.