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Promoting Safer Communities in Central Bedfordshire
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Here are some general guidelines that we recommend you follow:

If any caller acts suspiciously and gives you reasons to be worried as to their real motives, you should always contact the Police on “101” and report your concerns.

If there is any doubt as to the legitimacy of a caller, please contact Trading Standards at Central Bedfordshire Council and provide them with as much information as possible.

Email: Trading.standards@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk

You can also contact Consumer Advice Services on 08454 040506 and discuss your concerns with them.

Obviously, some callers have a right to access your property to read meters or check on utility supplies, such as drainage.  Nevertheless, you should always check the caller’s identity and, if any doubt, call the company using the phone number shown on your utility bill or telephone book, not the one on the visitor’s card.