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Property Marking

Property marking cannot prevent your goods from being stolen but it is a very good deterrent, as it is difficult to sell on stolen property that has been marked. It also allows the police to return recovered stolen goods to their rightful owner.

It is recommended that you use a UV pen or SmartWater to mark your property with your postcode and your house/flat number.

SmartWater is a clear forensic solution that is easily and quickly applied to valued possessions - large or small. Similar to DNA, it is a special chemical solution that is specifically linked to your home address - once you have registered it.

When dry, SmartWater is almost invisible to the naked eye so that it cannot be seen on an object. However, it reveals itself under ultraviolet light, making it easy to detect when necessary. It can be easily used on any item, but is particularly effective on smaller, more sentimental items, such as jewellery.

If your property is suitably marked by SmartWater, Police will be able to determine exactly where it has been stolen from. This not only assists the Police making an arrest and subsequent prosecution, but it will also enable your stolen property to be returned to you.

SmartWater kits can cost up to £50 a kit (depending on the size of your property), plus an annual ‘service’ charge. However, NHW members can obtain SmartWater kits for only £15, with no annual service charge fees.  

Contact your Street or Area Coordinator for more details.

Please Note:  It is essential that you register your SmartWater kit in order that your details can be recorded and used by the Police to return any items stolen from you.