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Reporting an Incident to the Police

There are no ‘hard and fast’ rules about reporting an incident to the Police.  If in doubt as to the importance of the call, you should always dial “999” - Police Emergency.

However, in order to identify less important calls, where a Police presence is not required urgently or immediately,  Bedfordshire Police have introduced a separate number to contact them - “101”.

Whenever reporting an incident to Bedfordshire Police, you will initially contact a central answering service, based at Kempston, Beds.  The operator will take your call and will then forward it to the most appropriate Department for their attention and action.

In every case, however, you will be given a unique reference number - “URN”.  This number should be quoted when making any additional calls related to the incident you have reported, including any calls you make to follow up the matter and find out what action has been taken.

The following diagram provides guidance as to what number to call when reporting an incident to the Police.

What is a Suspicious Incident?

Some examples are:

The above list is not comprehensive, but indicates the sort of behaviour that might arouse legitimate suspicion.

 Reporting an Incident