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Central Bedfordshire Neighbourhood Watch Association is a voluntary, non-profit, community focused project to support NHW Schemes throughout Central Bedfordshire and achieve safer neighbourhoods to live in.

Outside Lighting

Home security can be enhanced with the use of outside lighting.  Not only can lighting act as a deterrent to any intruders, but it can also augment the use of CCTV systems. Additionally, of course, outdoor lighting can also provide useful illumination for front door and garage areas, as well as in the garden areas for domestic and social activities.

Obviously, to keep areas of the garden, outbuildings and garages floodlit during the nighttime can be costly, but the use of PIR (Passive Infrared) spotlights can provide instant lighting based on motion sensors detecting movement.

The siting of such lighting needs to be carefully considered in order to provide the most useful coverage of any secluded or unlit area. Nevertheless, the cost of such lighting can be under £10 per unit, although the question of power supplies and secure wiring needs to be considered for outbuildings and garages.