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Getting Involved

This is probably the most important part of this website, as it describes the operation of Neighbourhood Watch.  It also provides all you need to know to join an existing NHW Scheme (where one is already established), or to consider starting a new scheme where you live.

Each NHW Scheme varies in its location, the number of households represented and, of course, has its own, individual character.  Nevertheless, each Scheme follows the same basic principles of NHW to establish a group of residents that look out for each other’s properties and report any criminal behaviour or suspicious activity directly to the Police.

There are also benefits from being a member of a NHW Scheme, including working together to improve home security, creating a safer environment to live in and establishing an improved Community ‘spirit’. Additionally, NHW members can also claim a discount on most home contents insurance policies.

However, being a member of a NHW Scheme is not just about preventing crime or protecting your property.  Having formed a recognised Community Group, other aspects that affect your day to day living can also be addressed. These may include safety of footpaths and roadways, anti-social behaviour and other environmental issues that affect the area(s) where you live.  

A general enquiry form is provided below should you require any additional information. Simply complete the form and then click ‘Submit’.  To protect against spam emails, a security check box will then appear offering a random text word to be copied into it. Once correctly copied, the form will automatically be submitted and a copy of what you have sent will appear on your screen.  

Please note that the information and data you send is securely encrypted for transfer to the CBNHW email address.

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