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CCTV Systems

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems have been relied on to provide security monitoring of businesses for many years.  They are a common sight in towns and cities and are used to monitor traffic and pedestrian areas.

In the past, CCTV systems could only be installed by commercial companies and the cost was often prohibitive for domestic (home) use.  Nowadays, however, the cost of installing such systems has been greatly reduced and the quality and flexibility of recording images has also improved.  Additionally, many systems are now ‘wireless’ and can be fitted without professional assistance.

Some of the more sophisticated systems come with recording devices that can permit over 30 days of recording and others can also be linked to smart phones or the Internet, so that wherever you are you can monitor your home CCTV system.

CCTV systems can provide essential security monitoring of your property and the cameras can provide high-definition images during daytime and nighttime conditions. CCTV not only monitors areas around your property, but can also act as a significant deterrent to any criminal activity. Where criminal activity has occurred, the Police may be able to make use of CCTV recorded data.  

Although such systems are widely available, there are conditions related to where you can site the camera equipment and what areas they monitor.  You should always determine what your responsibilities are, and what legal conditions you have to comply with, before siting any CCTV cameras. The Home Office has issued guidance on the use of digital CCTV systems and you can access this information here.

CCTV cameras can cost as little as £30 each and complete systems (including recording equipment) can range from £200 to £400+ for self-installation.  Professionally fitted systems will obviously cost more.

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