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Neighbourhood Watch

Promoting Safer Communities in Central Bedfordshire
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Benefits of being a member of Neighbourhood Watch

Improved Home Security

Using guidance from NHW, you will be able to assess the security of your own home and take steps to make your property more secure. This includes strengthening your boundaries, fitting better locks and taking additional measures to deter “opportunistic” thieves or more determined burglaries.

Safer Neighbourhoods to live in

The ultimate objective of NHW is to create a more secure environment where residents can live without any fear of crime occurring.  Obviously, such ambitions may be difficult to achieve and depend very much on the locality. Nevertheless, by working together, households can provide an effective crime prevention team; especially when properties are securely protected and where residents are alert to criminal activity and report such incidents quickly to the Police.

Improved Community Spirit

NHW can also create an effective residents’ group within the community to address other problem areas, such as  anti-social behaviour, vandalism and car crime. Additionally, having established such a group, a broader perspective can be developed on other issues that directly affect the local community and the group can develop a consensus of opinion to have these matters dealt with. Such issues might include street lighting, road and pavement repairs, dog-fouling or graffiti.

Discount on Home Contents Insurance Premiums

Members of NHW Schemes will be able to claim a discount on their household contents insurance premiums from most Insurance Companies.

You are no longer an ‘individual’

As a member of a NHW Scheme, you are no longer ‘on your own’.  You are now part of a larger group of householders that can work together to help each other protect each other’s properties and achieve real success in crime prevention and dealing with criminal activity and anti-social behaviour in your immediate neighbourhood.