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Neighbourhood Watch in Central Bedfordshire


The Annual General Meeting of the Central Bedfordshire NHW Association will be held at the Hexton Church and Community Centre, Barton Road, Hexton, SG5 3JL on Sunday 5th March 2017 at 2pm.  

The main item on the Agenda is "The Future of NHW in Central Bedfordshire".

Please contact the CB NHW Association Chairman, Tony Howells, by email at t.howells08@btinternet.com, or telephone 01582 881611, for further details.

A  “Members Guide” has been published by the National NHW organisation.

Click here to download a copy

Motorbike Nuisance

Bedfordshire Police have introduced an email address for residents to report nuisance and reckless behaviour by motorbike riders.  

See here for more details.

Beds Alert - the Community messaging system provided by Bedfordshire Police.

See here for more details.

Village-wide NHW Schemes:  click here

What Does Neighbourhood Watch Do ?

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is one of the most effective crime reduction schemes ever devised. It simply requires is people to join together and apply positive crime prevention measures in their particular locality.

For people to live in safer neighbourhoods, the early detection and reporting of crime is essential. NHW does this by supporting households:

NHW and the Local Community

As a key element in the voluntary sector, NHW has close links with the Police and Community Safety Partnerships.  The Central Bedfordshire Association also works with Town and Parish Councils to promote NHW and to broaden the impact of safer neighbourhoods throughout Central Bedfordshire.

As Chairman of the Central Bedfordshire NHW Association,  I hope you find the information and links provided on this website useful and relevant.  

If you are not yet a member of a Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Scheme, then I would certainly extend my invitation for you to join one or, if necessary, to start up a new Scheme where you live. Please look at the “Getting Involved” section of this website, which provides all the information you need.  

Additionally, there is a general enquiry form you can use to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the assistance you need to get joined up with NHW.

No-one wants to live in fear of crime or to feel unsafe in their home.  By working together, we can help to protect each other’s property and achieve safer neighbourhoods to live in.

Tony Howells
Chairman Central Bedfordshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

Nationally, the Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch Network (NHWN) represents all NHW members across England and Wales. It is the body that engages with the Home Office and other partners at the strategic level.

Neighbourhood Watch Organisation in Central Bedfordshire

In Central Bedfordshire, NHW groups are community run initiatives that are supported by the Police, but are not run by them.  Each NHW group is referred to as a “Scheme” and one person is nominated to act as a “Street (Scheme) Coordinator”.

The Street Coordinator manages the individual Scheme and ensures that regular contact and communication is made to keep members informed and active.

An Area Coordinator is appointed to look after all the NHW Schemes operating in a designated locality. They provide advice, support and resources to the individual Street Coordinators and act as a communication link to the Police and the local NHW Association.  

In Bedfordshire, there are 3 individual NHW Associations that coordinate and manage NHW in their respective areas. These are Bedford & District, Luton and Central Bedfordshire.

The Central Bedfordshire Association provides overall supervision to the NHW Schemes in 40 separate locations throughout Central Bedfordshire.

The Central Bedfordshire Association holds regular meetings with the Area Coordinators and liaises closely with Bedfordshire Police, and other interested groups, to address issues that particularly affect this part of Bedfordshire.

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